EC Support Services

EC Software strives to assist its clients from the very start of the requirements analysis process through training, maintenance and support. Customers have access to specialists in every field of online solutions. You can obtain detailed information about different online marketing techniques, traffic generation, usability analysis and the analysis of customer positioning in the buying process, in order to optimize your business strategy.

All EC Software clients have access to a 24/7 service, and business critical issues are addressed with utmost care.

EC Maintenance:

EC solutions are hosted on high-end servers configured for e-commerce portals. They are backed up by well defined, systematic maintenance and disaster recovery procedures.

The server can handle up to 500 concurrent requests per second and can be scalable up to 750 concurrent requests per second.

  • Providing 24 x 7 x 52 Maintenance and Customer Service Support
  • Systematic maintenance and upgrade of operating systems, application of software patches, anti-virus, etc.
  • Hardware failure and recovery process with minimal or no data loss
  • Data backup, storage and recovery processes
  • Performance monitoring including hardware, software, operating system, bandwidth of websites, traffic redirection, etc.

EC Consultation:

We have specialists in various fields of e-commerce to help you achieve an effective, professional and organized way of running profitable e-commerce solutions. Support is provided for business and market related issues, in order to boost revenue.

EC Training:

EC Training focuses on helping to make the customer familiar with detailed information concerning the daily use of their systems. This includes the editor and how to use the system, guidelines to classify content for easy site maintenance, editorial guidelines and picture editing. Help is provided to configure and set up modules with basic information about online marketing and search engine optimization. Customers have access to both the most simple and basic day-to-day information as well as highly technical information.

EC Support:

Customers are provided with access to 24x7 hotlines to escalate business critical issues. All such issues are addressed professionally.

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