EC Book FAQ's

  • My organization is interested in presenting publications online with page flipping capabilities. These publications include a trade magazine, 5 scientific magazines etc. Could EC Book be used for these types of publications?
    Yes, EC Book is web based online publication that can convert any publication available in PDF format to a rich flash publication.

  • Can readers able to view EC Book in MS Outlook or any other Mail Client without coming into our website?
    Do you mean if EC Book is embeddable in an e-mail? If so the answer is no, EC Book is a web based flash application cannot be embedded in email.

  • After we send the required PDF file and other details, how long does it takes for generation process.
    After we have settled all requirements and the PDF are delivered to us the process time will be 1-3 days.

EC Shop FAQ's

  • How long does it take to set up online store?
    Our experts begin building your site as soon as we receive your requirements and your store is ready to use within 14 working days.

  • Where is the store hosted?
    EC Shop Premium components are hosted on high end servers specially configured for ecommerce portals. Backed up by a well defined, systematic maintenance and disaster recovery procedures.

EC Web FAQ's

  • How CMS helps to manage web site content easily?
    EC Web CMS allows you to manage all aspects of your website content and activities at ease. It helps you to create complex website easily without much programming language.

  • What are the features of EC Web CMS?
    EC Web is a web based CMS for building intranets, extranets and portals. It is powered by an extensive set of modules for the effective management of online applications such as Webpage Management, News Management, Digital Asset Management, Template Management, SEO Support, Versioning & Rollback etc.

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