Standard store with Premium features

minimal investment - fast setup

  • Integration with ERP Systems, Navision/Axapta...
  • CMS to manage store content and customer relations
  • 24/7 quality and support centre
Ecshop Premium
What you get

Standard shopping cart application.

Integration to Back office systems 

EC Web CMS to manage online store

EC Shop Premium is a very economical and professional way to start a fully functional online store.

  • Set up and delivered with standard e-commerce functions, integration with the Navision, Axapta ERP system through EC Replicator, all within 14 days.
  • Controllable design using banners, background images, color pallets and logo.
  • Wide variety of templates to choose from, tested for usability, and easy to use shopping processes.
  • Safe way to start at a low investment level while still becoming professional.
  • 24/7 technical support for store maintenance, business and marketing support through the EC quality and support center.
  • Start with a standard store with a proven set of features and upgrade at any time to the enterprise version, with every possible customization, yet still making full use of your previous investment.

EC Online Store

Fully standardized high-end e-commerce solution. Control the design through banners, background templates, logo and color pallets. Standardized and fully tested functionality.


Built for use with EC Shop e-commerce. Dedicated modules are used for different e-commerce and marketing requirements. Flexible and user-friendly interface for web page presentation.

EC Replicator

EC Shop e-commerce solutions provide a standard platform for seamless integration with ERP systems, including modules for Navision/Axapta. All data transfer is managed through a secure protocol using well defined industry standards.
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